Beaded Wreath Free Pattern


Beaded Wreath

Holiday wreath   

You will need:

35 safety pins. size 2

36 -8mm green faceted beads

105 -6mm faceted beads35 4mm crystal faceted beads

35 -4mm crystal faceted beads

35 crystal rondells

Safety Pin   rondell bead  

Open a safety pin and thread on 1  -4mm crystal faceted bead and 3 -6mm faceted beads.  Close pin.  Fill all pins in the same way.

When adding pins to the wire. be sure to keep all the beads facing outward.

For the center of project, use a length of wire 15" long.  Feed wire through the SMALL hole in the safety. (Sometimes referred to as the tail of the pin.) Then,

feed one rondell onto the wire.  Add another safety pin as before, then another rondell. 

Continue adding safety pins with a rondell between each one untill all the safety pins are on the wire.

 Bring ends of wire together to form a circle of pins.  Check to make sure all the beads are facing outward.

Twist ends together and clip off excess wire to about 1/2".

For the outer edge of project:

Be sure to to through the LARGE  hole in the pin.  If you go through the body fo the pin, your wreath will be lopsided.

Use a length of wire 20" long.  Feed one safety pin  onto the wire through the Large hole in the safety pin.  (Sometimes referred to as the head of the pin.

 Feed one 8mm faceted bead onto the wire, then another safety pin. 

Continue until all pins have been added with one 8mm faceted bead between each.

Bring the ends of the wire together again forming a LOOSE circle so that the wreath lays flat. 

Twist ends together and clip to about 1/2"  Bend ends to center. 

Tie a pretty bow for the hanger.