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This is a vintage Madam Alexander Doll Called Laurie.  It is the boy that appeared in the story of "Little Women".

The doll is in very good condition with the original clothing and tag.

Price: $70.00


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Jumeau Doll
Price: $550.00
28" Porcelain Doll
.This gorgeous completely hand made doll portrays the doll artistry of the 1990's, utilizing the very best porcelain that is flesh colored and expertly china painted. The mold is  from an antique Jumeau Doll.  Emile-Louis Jumeau.
The arms and legs are porcelain with great detailing, mounted on a very well made cloth body.
 The face is delicately painted with many-stroked eyelashes and brow. Lips are slightly parted and the color is beautiful.
Glass-like eyes are a grey-brown, (sometimes called hazel) with fine lines.
Beautifully costumed with vintage fabrics and tons of lace in the correct fashion of the French Doll.
Doll is in excellent condition. Stand is included
 Signed in gold on back of neck
"Patricia Loveless"

C 1996
Limited edition # 197/2000
closed edition

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Doll Collector's dream, lovely Christmas gift.

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This doll is an example of modern dollcrafting.  It was made from a Seeley mold, artistically sculpted  head, arms and legs  arms and legs.
The face is very delicate and captures the image of a young girl and is expertly china painted and fired to retain the colors for many years. 

The wig is a modern acrylic, light blomd.

The expressive blue grey eyes are hand blown glass by Williams. These vintage
eyes are very rare and sought after.

The 4 piece costume is outstanding consisting of  lace edged panties, slip, full skirted, flowered print  dress with a striped pinafore.

Shoes match the dress.

Doll by Carol Williams

Porcelain Doll Georgia
Price: $195.00

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