There are many kits to choose from. We have a variety   of wooden kits for kids and ornament beading kits for the more advanced beading artist.

Most of our kits are assembled in our own workshop. Some of our kits are manufactured in China and purchased from a supplier in the U.S..
Our best western kits are made in Nebraska. They are the Chief John's Kits that you see when you click on the windmill, fort, and schoolhouse kits. There are a variety of these western wooden kits. Kits are recommended for kids 8 and up.  They have been used for special projects for school, 4-H, and other children's club activities.
Check out our free patterns for ornaments,  trees and baskets!  ornaments!

     Kit 70 Beaded Christmas Tree    Beaded Satin Ball kit 320    Lacy basket kit with safety pins and faceted beads